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Premier Oak Buildings


Leading specialists in bespoke oak framed buildings and face mounted glazing

An oak frame being constructed

Leading specialists in sustainable oak buildings

Premier Oak Buildings Ltd are one of the leading specialists in creating bespoke green oak framed buildings that also offer a unique glazing system that will compliment your build. 

With over 10 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and construction of various green oak frame buildings.  Including houses, garagesextensions, outbuildings, and garden structures, we are sure that we can help you create the design of your dreams. 

Why choose us?

We only use the highest quality green English oak to create beautiful hand-crafted structures that will ensure that they last a lifetime.

After being involved in many commercial and private projects across the UK we believe we are the best choice to build your home.  Creating beautiful bespoke green oak frame structures.

Crafted from sustainable sources

Here at Premier Oak Buildings we are passionate about creating homes using sustainable materials.

Our green oak is sourced from the finest trees in England and Scotland where the timber is harvested by skilled craftsmen who ensure it is cut into the correct shape for each project. The green oak is then treated with an environmentally friendly preservative which ensures its longevity.

The environment

We are aware of the environmental impact of modern building construction, that is why we provide sustainable building with innovative designs. In only source quality building materials to ensure we get the most out of your construction project.


What do we do?

Our recent work

Grey tiled bathroom with with bathtub and oak framed wall supports

Why build with oak?

Oak is a strong and durable timber with many interesting products. It has a high tannin content which helps prevent decay and attack by insects ensuring its longevity, some buildings have been known to last many hundreds of years.
Its tight grain adds to the strength of the timber while affording an aesthetic look that is very pleasing to the eye and the touch. This also presents several challenges to the carpenter, requiring several years of training and craftsmanship to allow the embracement of different techniques to achieve a consistency between different sections of timber.
Fresh green oak, by its nature, is always moving. It’s exposure to humidity and heat means that it is constantly drying. It is said that this movement gives the feeling of the building “being alive”, a living material having a presence of its very own.