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Exterior of Oak Build Home with Face Mounted Glazing

A Beginner’s Guide to Oak Frame Home Extensions

Want to extend but don’t know where to begin? Here is a beginner’s guide to oak frame homes! 

There are plenty of reasons to extend your home; from wanting to transform a functional kitchen into a comfortable, airy space for all your family to gather to adding a separate dining area to creating more living space for a growing family. Oak frame home extensions add another element of character and modernisation, making your home even more of a home with oak’s timelessness. Oak complements brickwork, a flat, pitched or mansard roof, timber and glass. Oak frame extensions also suit a range of properties — from period cottages to post-war homes. Oak frame construction also provides the opportunity to create architectural features, such as vaulted ceilings and glazed gable ends, with relative ease. Whatever style extension you are looking to build on whatever style house, our designers will talk you through all material options making your extension perfect for you.  

Extensions offers a highly effective way of increasing your living space while connecting your home with your garden. An oak frame home extension will add value and style to your property. Choosing to build in oak however, makes the investment even wiser by further increasing the resale value. Many consider oak to be a luxury, so a slightly bigger investment during the build will more than pay for itself later down the line. Oak possesses certain qualities that simply make us feel warm and cosy, but it is also strong and reliable. It is thanks to these qualities that the popularity of oak extensions has never dwindled. An oak framed extension is quicker to build – oak extension kits are manufactured and pre-assembled in our workshops by our builders, while groundworks and other preparatory building work take place on site. The oak frame kit, it is then delivered to site and assembled in a matter of a few days or weeks, depending on the size of the oak extension. Oak is eco-friendly. The carbon captured from the atmosphere by oak trees is bound into their fibres over many years, before being chopped down and then made into a house, where it will remain permanently. Oak doesn’t require large amounts of fossil fuel to produce, much industrial reprocessing, or chemical treatments which are harmful to the environment, as some other woods or materials like brick and concrete require.  

As with any new extension, the connection to and impact on the existing house requires thought. Extensions which are subservient but draw their cue, in terms of design and materials, from the existing house, tend to work best. Researching and understanding is important, as complexity is one of the biggest factors affecting build costs. The more corners there are in a project, the bigger the price tag. You can read more about budgeting for your custom build project here

We have years of experience in creating stunning oak framed extensions and other oak buildings. For more information on oak frame home extensions or to get the ball rolling on your extension, please get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you! 

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