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Oak Framed home

Benefits Of Building an Oak Frame Home

Oak frame homes are becoming more and more popular because there are many benefits of building one. Building with an oak frame is a popular choice for self builds, with almost 22% self-build homes being created using oak framing techniques, which in the grand scheme of construction is a very significant amount.

While oak framing is often viewed as being used for homes with a more traditional style, you don’t have to look far to find some incredible examples of modern oak framed buildings.

Adds unbeatable style

An oak frame home adds a cosy and comforting touch to both modern and traditional looking homes. A home built from oak has a warm, surrounding feel that will last for many years. An oak framed home will offer character and personality to your build, allowing you the opportunity to add your own aspect and style.

Oak is a high quality, aesthetically-pleasing material, with a rich colour. It has a very attractive wood grain (especially if it is quatersawn) which adds an elegant and sleek texture. Oak also creates a rustic yet modern feeling and with exposed beams, it can instantly add character to your home.

Provides a sustainable choice of construction

Arguably, the most notable non-aesthetic benefit is that oak is an eco-friendly material. Oak is sourced from well-managed sustainable forests. Oak trees increase our O2 and reduce our CO2 levels, as trees absorb CO2 from our environment.

As trees age, their CO2 absorption levels decrease, but oak taken from sustainable forests for timber-framed buildings is good news for everyone, as when older trees are cut down, new trees are planted in their place.

Energy efficient

Not only is the material itself and frame building process eco-friendly but so is an oak encapsulation system. Our system has been designed to achieve high levels of insulation and airtightness, which will reduce the energy consumption of your home and lowering heating costs; which is essential in the current energy climate!

Quick builds

Our oak frames are made and built off-site, so the time it takes to raise the frame on-site is therefore about 30% quicker than it takes to construct a brick and block building — reducing build time, costs and emissions.

Durable material

Oak is strong, moisture resistant and very durable. Not many other woods can compare to oak for support beams and foundations of buildings, which makes it a favourite for homeowners. You can guarantee that the frames will survive against the elements for years to come.

In fact, many oak houses, built hundreds of years ago still stand strong centuries later, with the oak itself getting stronger the older it becomes.

Oak is a perfect material for houses because of its strength and resistance to rot, decay and pests such as insect and fungal attack, which also means that it requires virtually no maintenance. As a premium material, it only tends to be used in situations where it is to be seen and cherished, like your home.

Build your oak frame home with Premier Oak Buildings

We build many types of timber framing, including extensions, barns, new homes, pergolas, garages and stables. Using freshly sawn green oak and traditional methods, combined with modern materials we create structures that are built to last.

Our residential buildings offer a full encapsulation system that provides a water-tight structure and also enhances U-values. For more information, please get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you!