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Face Mounted Glazing

We specialise in fixed panel, double or triple glazed units.

Face mounted glazing is a system that is designed to work with a structural oak frame. The process involves securing double glazed glass units to the outside of the timber via a system that offers flexibility in movement while maintaining an airtight, sustainable security blanket for your build.

What is face mounted glazing?

Face glazing is a relatively new concept in the world of windows that has become increasingly popular and modern, particularly with the rise of oak frame buildings in the UK over the last two decades.

It’s a method of creating a window that is altogether different to the conventional approach and a detail that might appear straightforward, but is in fact one of the most difficult window styles to detail and build, which is where our experts at Premier Oak come into it.

Face mounted glazing offers many advantages over traditional window systems, such as increased thermal efficiency, improved soundproofing, and a more aesthetically pleasing look. The glazing is secured to the outside of the timber frame, allowing for a greater range of movement and flexibility while still providing an airtight seal. This system also helps to reduce condensation build-up, as well as providing additional security against intruders.

How face mounted glazing is installed

Prior to the development of face mounted glazing, installing windows in oak frame buildings typically involved inserting sealed glazed units into the openings of the structural frame.

Secondary glazing beads would then be installed internally and externally around the outside of the glass, resulting in an unnecessary bulking up of the openings.

This approach not only decreases the amount of light coming into the floorplan, but also detracts from the oak frame’s grace and simplicity, which is the reason why so many homeowners are attracted to building with oak in the first place.

The secondary glazing beads are typically installed, usually with an application of mastic sealant. This is done in an attempt to future-proof against the movement of the timber-frame, which will always happen.

Unfortunately, it’s common for the quality of the sealant or perhaps the experience of the installer to be somewhat less than fit for purpose, often causing the seal to fail, leading to water ingress. Using air-dried rather than green oak can help to deal with this problem, but it’s costly, which tends to be a prohibitive factor.

Modern-day face glazing has moved away from the use of mastic sealant and instead uses state-of-the-art airtight tapes and EPDM gaskets. If done correctly, it should also incorporate hidden drainage channels across the face of the frame. The face of the frame is the most important element, and accordingly it should be planed to within a very minor tolerance across the apertures.

What are the benefits of face mounted glazing?

The benefits of face mounted glazing are numerous. Firstly, it offers a much more aesthetically pleasing look to the window, as the glass is secured directly to the outside of the timber frame. This creates a sleek and modern appearance that is sure to add value to any property.

Here are some additional beneifts:

  • Provides superior insulation compared to traditional methods – As the glass is secured directly to the frame, there is no need for additional secondary glazing beads or sealants, which can reduce the amount of heat lost through the window.
  • More secure than traditional methods – As the glass is secured directly to the frame, it is much more difficult to break into a property using this method. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for increased security.
  • Easier to install and maintain than traditional methods – As the glass is secured directly to the frame, there is no need for additional secondary glazing beads or sealants, making installation and maintenance much simpler.

Overall, face mounted glazing offers a number of benefits that make it an ideal choice for those looking to add value to their property, while also increasing security and insulation.

Why choose Premier Oak Buildings?

At Premier Oak Buildings, we understand that face glazing is a complex process and requires the highest level of skill and expertise. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing you with the best possible results, ensuring your oak frame is finished to the highest standard. We use only the best materials and techniques to ensure your face glazing is installed correctly and securely.

With our face glazing, every inch of your dream oak frame will be visible. Your double-glazed units will be fitted with flexible weather seals, allowing for that vital movement within the frame. Seasoned, oak capping and seals improve the thermal efficiency of your structure, which extends the life of your double-glazed units.

Our experts can install your face glazing which will streamline your self-build process further, saving you both time and the need to work with multiple suppliers.

Once all of the planning is done and the tapes, gaskets and seals are installed, the face piece, which will be the same width dimension as the structural timber, is then screwed in and dowelled. This produces a really elegant detail with hidden fixings. Face glazing can be installed as either double-glazed sealed units or triple glazed. We have produced and found double glazing results in the best aesthetics!

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