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Trainee oak timber framer

George and saw
George working

Hi I’m George and I am a trainee oak timber framer for Premier Oak Buildings.

I previously worked for a company that manufactured softwood timber trusses, but this is on a whole different level.

Building with oak is a complicated process so I find I am learning something new every day.  I am fascinated by the traditional methods used. Helping create such large structures and using calculations has meant that I brushed up on my maths!  

Working with the larger tools takes some getting used therefore I am aware of the health and safety implications when doing this.  I have found that creating perfect joints using quality chisels is a joy however it takes a lot on concentration!  Getting used to working on something as large as an oak truss or a tie beam takes time so getting a frame ready for installation is a slow process. The experience that I gained from working with such a natural product is invaluable.  In addition to this I am learning how to work from 3d design drawings too. We work to drawings and to watch the work progress from selection of timber, detailing and preparation is intriguing.  I watched my first frame being raised on site it was amazing and will stay with me for a long time.

I recommend becoming a trainee oak timber framer to anyone who is interested in learning a heritage craft and the skills of this fabulous traditional building method.

All the hard work that was put in at the workshop paid off and the frame went up just as planned. It’s all about team work and I couldn’t work with a better team.