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Trainee oak timber framer

Jake trainee oak timber framer

Hi I’m Jake and I am a trainee oak timber framer for Premier Oak Buildings.

I have always wanted to learn about oak framing and was given the opportunity to join the workshop team here at Premier Oak Buildings and have to say I am enjoying every moment.

Building with oak is a complicated process and you get to learn something different every day.   Getting to grips with the size of the tools that are used like the larger chisels and how to use the different types of saws is really interesting and you get to play with some pretty heavy equipment such as the mortice tool.

Watching my first frame being raised on site was amazing and the culmination of a lot of hard work in the workshop. The technical details needed and working with a crane to lift the heavy beams into place was quite daunting but great to be a part of. 

However all of the work and planning that was put in from the start paid off and the frame went up just as planned. It’s all about team work and the team here are great to work with, I am proud to be here.