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Oak framed and glazed extension

Oak Frame Extension Case Study

Starts with a cuppa

It all started with a cup of tea and a chat.

We understand that discussing your ideas and designs is important to you so we meet with you to talk through your ideas and discuss any designs you have in mind. 

Whether you need a recommendation for an architect or want to review the drawings of the architect you’ve already engaged, we are here to help.

We do this to ensure that a design can include an oak frame. Most extensions will require an engineer to guarantee compliance with all building regulations.

Once the design was agreed we created a drawing of the oak frame and created design drawings such as this which our team used to build the frame

Truss drawing of oak frame extension
Delivery lorry

The oak was delivered and the build process began

Oak frames laid out ready for joints to be cut

We talked through the design and planned out the workshop, laying out the oak beams ready for work to start

Planning discussions

The art of woodworking breathed life into the oak beams as skilled hands crafted mortice and tenon joints, the hallmark of strength and durability in timber framing. Each beam, meticulously shaped, began to form the skeleton of the structure 

Suppliers lorry delivering oak

Once completed the frame was transported to site where the team began installation

A blank canvas
The start of the oak frame extension
Crane waiting to lift in the beams

The site was a blank canvas and we arranged for a crane to be on-site to assist with installing the heavy beams and the frame slowly began to rise.

First the posts, tie beams and top plates were in place and then the trusses and rafters of the roof were added

The first post and beam are in place
Main structure is taking shape
The main structure from above
The oak extension trusses being installed
A birds eye view of the main frame being erected
The trusses in place
A view of the rafters being added

The insulation is added to the back wall and roof space is the next step.

Adding rafters and insulation to the roof
The roof with insulation added
Warm roof buildup in an oak frame extension
Warm roof build up detail

The frame is then sandblasted to clean it of any construction marks. From here we handed over to the building contractor who completed the final works

Sandblasted oak frame of extension

The finished interior of the extension looks stunning. It is a light open space that links indoors and outdoors together.

Interior of oak frame extension
Interior looking at the existing house oak frame extension

The completed oak frame extension

Oak frame with glazing and cladding
Oak frame extension with glazing
Completed oak frame extension

If you’re interested in discussing an oak frame extension for your property, give us a call. We can arrange a meeting for a chat and a cup of tea to kick-start your journey.


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