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Specialists in the manufacture and installation of oak timber frame buildings, including extensions and renovations.

Using the planer

Specialists in Oak Frame buildings

Oak timber frame buildings of all types and sizes are the passion here at Premier Oak Buildings. By liaising with architects, contractors and project managers we can help you to create your perfect design and ensure that your build runs smoothly.

We construct many types of oak timber frames, including extensions, barns, new homes, porchespergolasgarages, garden rooms, offices, stables any many other outbuildings. 

Our oak timber frame service

With this range of design capabiltiy we can meet your requirements either by following a design you have already drawn or we can help you to create your personal dream frame.  Talk through your ideas with our design team and we can create your dream design for you.

Our oak timber frames are built to last as we use freshly sawn green oak combined with modern materials but use traditional construction methods as shown here.

Encapsulation Systems & Structural insulated panels

An encapsulation system encloses system elements and their interactions from the external environment, and usually involves a system boundary (such as oak) that hides the internal from the external.

At Premier Oak we design, build and construct your encapsulation system. Throughout the design process, we use the same innovative software employed to design your oak frame as your insulated closed-panel encapsulation system. 

Our system has been designed to achieve high levels of insulation and airtightness, which will reduce the energy consumption of your home and lowering heating costs; which is essential in the current energy climate! 

Face mounted glazing panel

Face Mounted Glazing

Face mounted glazing is a system that is designed to work with a structural oak frame. The process involves securing double glazed glass units to the outside of the timber via a system so that it offers flexibility in movement.  As well as maintaining an airtight, sustainable security blanket for your build.

Once all of the planning is done and the tapes, gaskets and seals are installed, the face piece, which will be the same width dimension as the structural timber, is then screwed in and dowelled. This produces a really elegant detail with hidden fixings. Face glazing can be installed as either double-glazed sealed units or triple glazed. We have produced and found double glazing results in the best aesthetics!


All of our frame designs are compatible with cladding. We use cladding boards to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve the appearance of buildings.  

We offer a choice of oak, larch, cedar or sweet chestnut cladding for use on our garages, car ports and outbuildings. The choice of cladding depends on aesthetics and building use.  

You have the option of leaving the cladding to age and silver naturally or you could choose to stain, paint or scorch the timber to get the desired finish

Oak cladding
Warm roof build up detail

Warm Roof Build Up

One of the most beautiful effects of an oak framed building is the aesthetic of the high vaulted open view ceilings which show the oak timbers.

It is therefore necessary to insulate above these rafters to follow architects guidelines. Our warm roof build up includes boarding and the use of PIR insulation on top of the oak rafters which are held in place with battens.

You then have a choice of roofing option to finish the building using either slates, tiles or shingles. Again the choice of finish is a personal detail.

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