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Oak Shepherds Huts

The perfect retreat that will provide many years of happiness

Shepherd huts were traditionally used by shepherds to provide shelter while the shepherds tended to their flocks. Their history can be traced back to the 15th Century and were traditionally built using materials the farmers had to hand which is why many had corrugated roofs and iron wheels, some also had corrugated sides.

Why build an oak Sheperd hut?

Whether you are looking for a special place for you and your family to relax in or as a fantastic holiday retreat for visitors we have the hut, especially for you.

All of our oak shepherd huts have a standard design but with the added bonus of an interior that is made just for you. We can provide double or single beds, bunk beds, sinks and washing facilities, somewhere to cook and eat, all the requirements you need to make your hut a home away from home. You could even use it to store a log burner.

Design your luxury Shepherd Hut

We have used our experience of building with oak along with our years of carpentry skills to build luxury Shepherds huts that provide warmth, shelter, and accommodation for all the family. We work to the same high standards as we do for all of our oak frame buildings and offer the same level of insulation, we install into the homes we build.

If you are looking for the perfect retreat that will provide many years of happiness then look no further and give us a call to discuss your requirements.

As you can see we offer a range of different kinds of Shepherds Huts and we can create something that caters to your specific needs and wants, on a huge range of scales.

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