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New Build Oak Homes

Quality oak framed homes to last a lifetime

A home built from oak has a warm, surrounding feel that will last for many years. An oak framed home will offer character and personality to your build, allowing you the opportunity to add your own aspect and style.

Premier Oak Buildings provides oak frame building solutions for a wide range of homes. We understand that choosing the right material for your new build home can be challenging. That’s why we source only the finest oak for new build oak homes.

What makes oak the perfect building material?

Oak is a high quality, aesthetically-pleasing material, with a rich colour. It has a very attractive wood grain (especially if it is quartersawn) which adds an elegant and sleek texture. Oak also creates a rustic yet modern feeling and with exposed beams, it can instantly add character to your home.

Although there are many varieties of oak, there are three common characteristics that this stunning wood boasts; oak is strong, moisture resistant and very durable.

Not many other woods can compare to oak for support beams and foundations of buildings, which makes it a favourite for homeowners. It is also energy efficient, ideal for those cold winter months.

You can guarantee that the frames will survive against the elements for years to come. In fact, many oak houses built hundreds of years ago still stand strong centuries later, with the oak itself getting stronger the older it becomes.

Why choose an oak frame for your house?

Oak is a perfect material for houses because of its strength and resistance to rot, decay and pests such as insect and fungal attack, which also means that it requires virtually no maintenance. Oak is a premium material, so it only tends to be used in situations where it is to be seen and cherished, like your home.

The carbon captured from the atmosphere by oak trees is bound into their fibres over many years, before being chopped down and then made into a house, where it will remain permanently.

Oak timber frames doesn’t require large amounts of fossil fuel to produce. They also don’t require as much industrial reprocessing, or chemical treatments which are harmful to the environment, as some other woods or materials like brick and concrete require.

Helping you create your dream home…

House design is something of a personal choice and every home is different. We are here to help you in designing and building the home of your choice. From high vaulted ceilings with exposed beams and arch brace trusses to a more functional approach using a simple queen post truss we can offer a design to suit all kinds of budgets.

To help us visualise your project we will need to discuss with you all your needs and wants so that we can design a build that suits you. We don’t use standardised designs or templates, all our builds are bespoke and made with you in mind, your build, your way.

This will be the first of many discussions and working with you and your architect we will be able to create 3D drawings to help you fully envisage your home. We will continue to work with your architect to create your working drawings which will be checked by an engineer ensuring the building will pass all building regulations and engineering requirements.

You may already have a design and drawings in place, if so then we are able to work with them. Please feel free to provide us with your plans and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote. We will continually liaise with you and your builder throughout this entire process to ensure a smooth construction and hand over.

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