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Workshop Manager

Oak timber frame workshop manager at Premier Oak Buildings

I am Shaun and I am the workshop manager for Premier Oak Buildings.

At the end of 2021 I was ready to semi retire and put my feet up for a while and take a well-earned rest. There I was sitting in the garden enjoying the sun when Dexter asked me to join him and manage the workshop here at Premier Oak Buildings.

I was delighted, a couple of hours a day ordering a bit of timber while learning a little about the oak framing would suit me down to the ground. Or so I thought!

The business began to grow steadily, and I am now busier than ever, and I absolutely love it. Semi-retirement can wait! Watching the business grow from strength to strength is fantastic to see and imparting my knowledge wherever I can and to whoever will listen is a joy.  I’ve also learnt a whole new set of skills!

What it is that I do

The workshop here is always a hive of activity and if you commission us to build your oak timber frame you are welcome to visit and see how it is built and take a tour of the workshop here at Urgashay Farm. Tea and biscuits are always on hand. We are always delighted to receive a visit from our clients.

I have begun to understand what it takes to build an oak timber frame home, extension, porch or outbuilding. Also I am learning how important it is to find the correct architect or engineer who also understands oak timber framing. The construction process and traditional methods we use are an artform of their own in my opinion and I think we create beautiful designs this way.

Learning the difference between English Oak and European oak, how oak moves and shrinks plus the benefits of wooden frame homes and how sustainable oak is.

There is so much to learn and so much knowledge to pass on to others to keep this traditional method of construction alive and I am so glad I have become a part of it.