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Trainee Oak Timber Framer

Meet Tom

Meet Tom, one of our trainee oak timber framers.

Hi I’m Tom. Believe it or not I am a qualified chef but COVID had other plans. So through the crisis I started a new career in carpentry. I was working in  general carpentry that is building and constructing softwood structures and discovered I love working with wood.  Learning how to work with Oak is a whole other boardgame!  

Attention to detail is something that I find comes naturally but this is slightly different to cooking gourmet meals. Learning how to be exact in your measurements such as scribing joints takes a lot of practice.  This detail extends to the oak being checked before it comes off the delivery lorry. If it is not up to our standards it goes back.

How we work

All our frames are built with oak that has been checked stringently for defects to avoid future problems. This is very reassuring for our customers.

The team are fantastic to work with as we all strive for perfection. When building a frame this attentiveness and pride means that our frames are built therefore, to a very high specification.  Having worked for clients who expect a very high level of service I was pleased and surprised to find that same level of delivery here.

The outcome

When you are helping people to create their dream home the whole team here offer the personal service that this requires.  Our aim is to be your team, building your frame, exactly how you want it to be.

I never dreamt I would be helping to create beautiful oak frames which look stunning and creating structures that will outlive me is an awesome job.

If you too are looking to switch your career and you think this might be for you give us a call, the team is growing!