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How to choose the right builder

How to choose a builder, where to start?

When you are looking for a builder at the start of a project it can feel like a daunting thing to do. Where do you look for one? How do you know they are reliable? Are they any good? Do you trust other people’s suggestions? So many questions before you even discuss your project with them! It is all exasperating.  Here are a few tips to use which could make this process a little easier.

  • Ask friends and family who they have used themselves and get honest feedback from them.
  • Check out local press or social media for local builders that specialise in your type of build need.
  • Ring the builders and ask them for customer references and PHONE THEM! It’s important not just to ask but follow through and check they are genuine. It’s amazing what information previous customers have about builders’ styles, hours, costs etc. and they are normally very open and willing to share this.
  • Check with trade organisation websites to see if they are reputable.
  • Look at online recommendation websites and see if they are on there and read previous reviews.

When you have found a few that meet your requirements then don’t be shy of asking them to quote and explain that you are getting several quotations for comparison purposes.  Shop around and get the best price to deliver exactly what you need.  A tip for quotations is to always check that the detail has been included, all those small niggly things that you want covered may not have been written on the quotation and it is best to get this sorted before you engage a builder to ensure that everything you want completed is in writing and therefore WILL be completed.  There is nothing worse than a builder claiming he had not quoted for x, y or z when you may have discussed this but had not checked it was covered in the quotation.

How to choose a builder? We have several reputable builders that we recommend to our customers, so always check with the main contractor or supplier who they would recommend. This gives you peace of mind that the builder is a trusted company with the contractors too.

I know this seems a bit of a chore but planning and organisation at the beginning of a project will save you money, time and stress further down the line.  Good hunting!