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Oak frame porch

Oak framed porch case study

Check out a brief video that shows the step-by-step process of building an oak-framed porch, from design to completion.

Oak framed porch design drawing

It all begins with a design drawing.

Our design drawing fulfils all client requests and aesthetics, providing an artist’s impression of the completed porch in situ.

All of our oak frames start the same way, whether it’s for a new build house or a beautiful porch like this one.

After determining the timber sizes, we place an order with the timber yard and accept delivery.  

The oak beams are inspected for any defects to ensure a sturdy frame construction.

Delivery lorry
Stack of oak beams
Oak beams laid out ready to be worked

The oak beams are laid out on trestles and marked ready to cut to size.  Here we show the curved braces on top of the top plate and rafters of the truss.Once they are in position and marked we can then create the mortice and tenon joints.  We use the same hammer and chisel techniques that oak timber framers have used for centuries to create perfectly fitting joints.

Tools and oak beams ready to be worked

After constructing the frame, we transport it to the site for installation.  Here we can see the existing front entrance. The builders have cut away the support holes either side of the lintel. These will support the oak beams of the porch frame.

Arriving on site
A blank entranceway

The beams are carefully positioned and secured together with oak pegs to create a sturdy construction.

Oak frame porch

This is the finished oak frame porch. It’s a beautiful entrance that adds to the overall appeal of the house. A stunning addition to this home


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