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Exterior of Oak Build Home with Face Mounted Glazing

Skip Hire Tips

Any building work will create waste so it is good to be prepared for this and plan how you are going to remove it from site before you actually start on the build. Skip hire costs can vary greatly so best to check around, you can use online search or check local press for skip suppliers in your area. Another way is to ask around friends and family as they may have recommendations of companies to share. The cost of your skip will depend on what is going into the skip, this matters due to recycling issues as to where the waste is going to go and this is reflected in the costs of some hire charges. How big a skip will you need? This is a bit of a headache for everyone as sometimes you have no idea on how much waste you are going to create, best to ask someone at the company and they will advise on best size for your needs. Where it is going to be sighted and for how long? This is really important as there are local regulations on where you can put your skip so a good tip is to check if you need permission to put a skip on the public highway or on someone’s private property, there may be licences required, best to get this sorted before it arrives! SO, have this information ready before you start checking the prices. Always try to speak to someone at the skip supplier if you can, rather than rely on online information as more often than not, they may have a better idea or a good deal that you won’t get online but can discuss in person. We use skips at our customer’s premises frequently and at our workshop so thought it would be good to share a few ideas that we have found worked for us in the past. Happy hunting!